Façade of the Church of The Angel – Paris – 35 square meters
Consists of 3 panoramic paintings
Archangel Michael – Saint George –The Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt
The arch surrounding the three paintings is decorated with laced vines in a lively movement and in their middle the name of the Church is written in French and Coptic.
Its width is 45 cm. and in a total area 15 meters square
The Flight of the Holy Family to Egypt. It is the principal panorama on the façade and above the main entrance to the church. The theme is related to the Egyptian atmosphere . The Holy Family is moving in one direction . Saint Josef The Carpenter is looking towards the Church minaret and entrance. He is holding in his left hand the rope tied to the donkey and in his right hand a stick on which he carried their clothes during their trip.
Virgin Mary on the donkey carrying Baby Jesus who blesses Egypt with his right hand and in his left is the symbol of the Annunciation . In front greeting them the people of Egypt represented by a girl wearing Pharaonic clothes, kneeling in the manner used for receiving the pharaoes and carrying the Ankh, key of life in her right hand, as a symbol of accepting the Cross and Christianity, in her left hand she is carrying lotus flowers . This symbolizes the happiness of the Egyptians to welcome Christ. In the background we see the Egyptian temples, the palm trees and the pharaonic bird symbolizing the salvation god . Behind the Holy Family we see the Egyptian pyramids.
At the far end of the painting we find the Coptic Churches and convents emphasizing the change of Egypt from Pharoanic to Christianity. At the bottom is the majestic Nile with a Pharoanic lotus shaped boat that the Holy Family used for their transportation in Egypt.
In the Nile the fish, looking at and welcoming the Holy Family. Under Saint Josef’s feet , in the water, fish are swimming in the same direction as the Holy Family . The plantations and green areas increase in their passage as a symbol of the good and prosperity Christ is bringing to Egypt.

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